The Good Stuff - TGS 057
The Good Stuff - TGS 057

The Good Stuff - TGS 057

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These wool tops are gently hand-dyed Polwarth wool of the highest quality.

Soft and long fibres approx. 22-24 micron with good bulk are perfect for hand spinners. 

Fibre (approx 6cm – 10cm wide) of 100% Polwarth comes as a 100gram plait. 

All colours are non-repeatable one-offs.

This is a non-superwashed product and as such gentle handling is recommended (unless you are felting, then go your hardest!).

This wool is grown on the ancestral lands of the Polwarth breed at Tarndwarncoort.

This product is entirely Australian grown and manufactured and is certified by the Australian Fibre Collective. The farmer, the shearer, the scourer, the top-maker are all located in Victoria.