Our Story

Pirate Purl Yarns is an Australian independent hand dyed yarn business where all yarns are hand dyed by Katrina Kellett in small batches in her dyehouse. 

When she started in 2015 Katrina planned only to dye for herself, however her fascination with the endless possibilities of dyeing have lead to an over abundance of yarn....this is where you come in.  In order to help Katrina continue her dye colour studies, you can get involved.  It all starts with a single skein...


Using only non-superwash yarns Katrina dyes with synthetic dyes and food-grade citric acid as the setting agent. Citric acid is an organic compound found naturally in citrus fruit.  These dyes create a strong bond, are light-fast and as all the dye is exhausted from the dye pots, there are no nasties going into drains and it is possible to reuse the water in the dyebath multiple times.

Once the dye process is complete, every skein of yarn takes a short soak in a warm bath.   The yarns have not had any 'superwash' treatment and must be washed gently by hand as they are feltable.

When she is not dyeing, Katrina enjoys hunting for vintage treasure and drinking single malt whisky!