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A word about.....


Hand-dyed yarn is dyed by a person and not a machine, which means it comes with inconsistency.  It frequently has splotches or variation in tone and it is wise to choose a suitable project - many of us appreciate these marks of the maker, but if you aren't one of them, perhaps you would find yourself happier working with a different yarn.


Please calculate your project needs generously as it is the colourway may not always be repeatable.  Even in the same dyepath, the dye may strike at different rates creating a blotchiness to the skein.  For best results we recommend alternating skeins every two rows, it really isn't hard at all the results really are worth it. Nothing worse than a 'tide' mark across a garment.


All yarns pill, it is just a matter of how much and with experience you will become better at making a calculated pill risk. 

By this I mean, some yarns are superfine and so very soft and buttery to handle however to achieve this the yarn may have a short crimpy staple and a looser twist will allow tiny fibres to escape from the yarn.  This will result in pilling in high abrasion areas and means you need to know before you start or mentally prepare yourself to regularly shave your garment to keep it looking spunky.

Other yarns made from medium wools such as Corriedale might be a bit crunchier to handle, but tend to pill less as they contain longer fibre lengths and less fine micron counts.  Most people can wear something knit of medium wool next to their skin - maybe not on their necks, but as hats, mittens, gloves and socks.  Medium wools also make excellent sweater yarn and have good stitch definition.



The Australian Fibre Collective is a not for profit Association, formed  with the aim of increasing awareness of the Australian Fibre and Textile Industry whilst eliminating some of the confusion in the market place regarding Australian made Fibre and Textile products.

Licensees who use the Registered Trade Mark, have been carefully audited by Australian Fibre Collective Inc., to ensure that the products displaying the Trade Mark are indeed 100% Australian grown, manufactured and or crafted products.



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