Environmental Statement

In accordance with the National Plastics Plan, all our parcels will arrive in packaging which is 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable.

Fabric waste from a local slow fashion label is used to bundle skeins together.  When this is not available, paper string is used.

On the rare occasion where tape is required to seal a cardboard carton, a small amount (5-10cm) of commercially compostable tape is used.  This tape is made from 90% renewable sources. The film is derived from mostly corn and the sticky component is from natural rubber.  This product is commercially compostable.

Travel to and from the studio and post office is mostly by bicycle in an endeavour to minimise the carbon emissions of this enterprise.

To offset the carbon emitted to transport your orders to you, we make a personal contribution to Trees in Newcastle, a not-for-profit community organisation focussed on improving biodiversity in the Hunter Vally through native plant propagation and bush regeneration.

As much as possible water baths are reused in an endeavour to re-use and waste as little of our precious water as possible in the dyeing process.


Image contains a hand holding a black home compostable mail bag containing skeins of yarn.