Honey ⎈ Old Salt - No Nylon Sock
Honey ⎈ Old Salt - No Nylon Sock

Honey ⎈ Old Salt - No Nylon Sock

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One skein dyed on our 4ply fingering weight Old Salt sock yarn base.

80%  Merino / 20% Lincoln  (NZ grown and manufactured)

100g: 400m

Old Salt is a 100% natural sock yarn that's perfect for those seeking an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic options.

In a world where sustainability is paramount, this innovative blend comprises 20% Lincoln Longwool and 80% Merino, both grown and crafted in the heart of New Zealand.

Lincoln Longwool is a sturdy, hard-wearing and lustrous fleece which is hard to felt. The construction of this yarn is high twist for added strength, making it the perfect choice for durable and comfortable sock creations.

The Lincoln sheep breed arrived in New Zealand between 1840-1860 and is bred in areas which are lower and wetter as they are better suited to damp conditions than Merino. The Lincoln is now considered a rare breed and this yarn came about as a passion project to raise awareness of breed diversity.