Sleepy Hollow

You may have been wondering why things have been a little quiet here lately.

I've been taking a hiatus from my studio for a number of months now.  I have been doing lots of things, but mostly I have been making time to spend time with and take care of family and loved ones who have needed a little extra TLC.  I've tried to live my life without regrets and I've made some choices recently to prioritise the things I care deeply about.

My passion for dyeing hasn't waned at all, and I have lots of ideas and dreams for things to do next.  Please keep in mind, my aspirations are never be THE NEXT BIG THING, they will be small, considered and intentional.

It has been my pleasure to take significant leave from social media over the past six months.  I feel less anxious about the constant drive for content creation and even less anxious about the desire to stay abreast of what's happening out there on the socials.  I found the time taken to scroll through all those beautiful posts was eating any available moments I had for reading a novel, taking a walk or phoning a friend for a chat, and unlike these aforementioned activities, it left me feeling alone and unproductive.  I am not certain how or if I will re-engage on those platforms, perhaps I will sporadically write blog posts instead?